Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks dealer in Vietnam origin Japan

We are Goldbell Equipment VN Co., Ltd – exclusive dealer of Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks in Vietnam

Currently, we provide new – rental – after sales service of products forklift trucks trademark Mitsubishi origin Japan :

– Diesel Forklift 

– Reach Truck stand on / seat on

– Electric Forklift Counterballance 4 wheels / 3 wheels

– Stacker

– Pallet Truck

– Tow tractor

Goldbell Equipment VN company office in Vietnam dealer of Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks

Why should we buy Mitsubishi Forklift trucks of Goldbell ?

– Forklift made in Japan

– Cheap price in the Japanese luxury car segment

– Diverse products

– Full forklift option

– Professional and reputable warranty service

– Genuine Mitsubishi forklift parts

– Dedicated repair service, highly skilled engineers

– Warranty is very good

Mitsubishi forklift products are cheap and diversified in Japanese forklift segment


– Free warranty for 12 months or 2000 hours for damage caused by the manufacturer’s fault.

– After receiving the customer’s request, no later than 24 hours, (or 12 hours for emergency and close customers), Goldbell Equipment staff will contact the customer directly to understand the situation. and give solutions.

– After handing over the machine to the customer, during the warranty period, Goldbell engineers will come to take care of the machine 4 times (free of charge) to ensure the customer’s device operates in the best condition. .

– Periodic maintenance sessions are as follows:

First time: first 250 hours, 2nd time: 500 hours, 3rd time: 1000 hours and 4: 2000 hours

In addition, Goldbell is committed to providing maximum customer support by providing technical advice through 24/7 communication systems.

– Full replacement forklift spare parts are guaranteed to be supplied to customers within a maximum of 12 hours during the life of the vehicle.

Hotline contact to buy genuine Mitsubishi forklift Trucks at the best price
Goldbell Equipment Co., Ltd. (Vietnam)

Head office: Số 2/123 Phố Phố Hòa Lân 2, Thuận Giao, TX. Thuan An, T. Binh Duong

Ho Chi Minh City Office: 7th Floor, Ha Do Building No. 60 Truong Son, Ward 2, Tan Binh District

Office Hanoi: No. 3 + 5 Nguyen Van Linh, Gia Thuy Ward, Long Bien District

Contact hotline: 0948.986.333

Email  :

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